Mamakoa Construction is a level 1BBEE contributor, and one of the largest black-owned, managed and controlled construction company in the country. Throughout its years of pursuing excellence, the company has successfully earned recognition as a significant player in the South African building and construction industry landscape.

Today we can boast of 100% black ownership. Mamakoa Construction plays a pivotal role in the provision of social and commercial infrastructure through its unique management capabilities, and is a contributing partner in South Africa’s transforming economy.

“It initially started as an IT company but being in the middle of the world’s worst economic recession in living memory, the tender market was exceptionally flat. We realized we had to become more proactive and create our own opportunities,” explain the director. As a result, Mamakoa Construction was established early in 2018. Lesedi Phuti Mabotja and Jusper Chivhanga joined the original team as managers in Mamakoa Construction. The structuring of the company enables Mamakoa Construction to package its service oerings to clients in a way that ensures maximum benefit and minimum hassle.

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